Why P.H. Tech?

The PVC-profile windows and doors designed by P.H. Tech provide exclusive advantages in terms of comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction. Whether it's through its exclusive PVC formula, the quality of its profiles or its team's expertise and experience, P.H. Tech offers the best solution on the market.

A better performing PVC

The meticulous design of windows and doors starts with the perfect PVC recipe. Even though PVC suppliers provide extruders with a wide range of standardized blends, P.H. Tech decided to develop its own PVC formula, a unique mixture of resin and specific additives.

For more than 30 years, this exclusive formula has been rigorously tested by P.H. Tech's team in an effort to continually improve its mechanical and physical properties, and ultimately, ensure your complete satisfaction.

The result: no other extruder has been able to match the performance of P.H. Tech's PVC!

  • Unsurpassed impact resistance and strength throughout the product's lifetime. To learn more about our tests, consult the Standards and Certifications section.
  • No discoloration! P.H. Tech's PVC will never yellow or weather over time. Our PVC windows and doors maintain their appearance – year-in, year-out.
  • Maximized durability because our PVC will never flake, peel or chip.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a semi-gloss finish and low porosity.

Ingenious profiles

By designing its own profiles, P.H. Tech always makes sure its products have the required characteristics to be considered high-performance. Perfection is in our DNA!

  • Multichamber profiles: when examining different products, be sure to compare their number of chambers. A unique construction is what makes our profiles unbeatable in terms of strength, thermal insulation and resistance to leakage. They definitely outclass all other profiles in the industry.
  • Double walls, external and internal wall thickness: 1.8 to 2 mm for exterior walls and 1.3 mm for internal walls. This allows us to increase the welding surface and the profile's resistance to warping caused by temperature variations.
  • Chambers designed for effective water drainage, away from the steel frame, thereby avoiding rusting on the inside. This is especially important for large windows and doors with a steel core.
  • Hardware screws that cross two walls ensuring the optimal strength and longevity of the installations. Hardware screws that cross two walls
  • A combination of weatherstripping for accrued thermal insulation and a protection system to reduce wear to a minimum. A combination of weatherstripping
  • Specially-adapted support walls and internal cavities for every thickness, designed to prevent disintegration (delamination) and limit thermal breakage. As confirmed by its glass suppliers, P.H. Tech products have one of the lowest replacement rates in the industry.
  • A generous design and assembly that maximizes the adjustment possibilities and simplifies installation under any conditions.

Exceptional profile quality

P.H. Tech has implemented a very stringent quality control program, with very specific objectives: to make it as easy as possible to assemble, install and operate our products, and to ensure our and our manufacturers' peace of mind.

To achieve this, we make life hard on our products by subjecting them to a long, 14-test extrusion process, some of which are performed every hour. We are merciless when it comes to non-compliance: inconsistency is not an option!


  • Extrusion quality that eliminates bows and warps, which guarantees that the assembled windows will be perfectly square.
  • Standard dimensions from one production to the next, which makes them easy to assemble; an asset when it comes to manufacturing quality windows.
  • Windows that open and slide effortlessly. The fact that our doors and windows rarely ever require post-sale service (the lowest rate in the industry) is proof of their high quality and the satisfaction of their owners.

Products that surpass the market's performance standards

For P. H. Tech, certification is crucial: it's the best way to subject products to complex and rigorous testing, and confirm, beyond the shadow of a doubt, their efficiency and performance.

In each category, our products exceed the expectations of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) and the Canadian Standards Association. The products certified by our clients get the highest ratings: from DP-40 to DP-100 on windows, and from DP-50 to DP-60 on patio doors.

P.H. Tech offers a number of exclusives

Whether it be models, designs or accessories, P.H. Tech continually innovates to offer exclusives that are unmatched on the market:

  • The exclusive, patented DoubleNature® products give PVC the appearance and texture of wood, for the perfect combination of warmth and performance.
  • Alustyle® hybrid models have a unique assembly that gets the best out of PVC and aluminum.
  • Simply Authentic models offer interior hardwood trim thanks to a patented assembly.
  • A comprehensive paint program proposes a vast palette of colors and elegant finishes.
  • Impressive selection of designs and interior/exterior accessories that will give an impeccable look and unique style to your home.

P.H. Tech patio doors are of the highest quality

For nearly 30 years, the patio doors designed by P.H. Tech have ranked among the best on the market. Their superior quality is the fruit of the labor that went into designing smooth-sliding sashes and ensuring unparalleled, lifelong structural and energy performance.

  • Double exterior walls, strong and highly insulating.
  • PVC cladding firmly anchored to a wooden frame.
  • Perfectly supported glazing
  • Large guiderails to ensure all moving parts (sashes and screens) are easy to operate.
  • Sashes deep in the frame to ensure perfect assembly and optimal installation.
  • Raised roller tracks to limit the impact of dirt and dust on the opening mechanism.
  • Dual polycarbonate wheels to limit abrasion caused by guiderails and avoid unsightly black blemishes.
  • Esthetic finish to hide weatherstripping, sash stoppers and other elements that are necessary, but not pretty to look at.
  • Screens equipped with patented adjustable spring wheels to avoid frustrating derailments.

P.H. Tech is resolutely ecoresponsible

Through its initiatives, innovations and diligent production management, P.H. Tech does everything in its power to minimize its impact on the environment:

  • Implementation of tangible environmental measures designed to maximize recycling, reduce waste, optimize energy consumption and limit the impacts of transportation.
  • Commitment to the EcoresponsibleMC Program of the Council of Sustainable Industries to curb environmental impacts. This voluntary program focuses on sustainable development, and P.H. Tech is proud to have its solutions validated as ecoresponsible by these third-party experts.
  • Long-lasting windows and doors thanks to an exclusive PVC recipe, astute profile design and a very stringent quality control system, from design to production.
  • Lower household energy consumption thanks to high-performance profiles.
  • Development of a profile core made almost exclusively of recycled PVC. NUCLEUS technology is a P.H. Tech innovation that allows window and door manufacturers to offer environmentally friendly products without compromising on performance or price.

    Discover NUCLEUS technology

P.H. Tech, experts for more than 50 years

  • Since 1962, P.H. Tech has been designing PVC profiles that meet the high demands of both consumers and manufacturers:
  • Products tried and tested by thousands of consumers.
  • Millions of working windows and patio doors installed everywhere in Canada.
  • Superior quality products used by satisfied and loyal manufacturers for more than 50 years.

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