Our Mission: To Help You Make A Wise Choice

Your home is without a doubt your most prized possession. The doors and windows that you choose to install on your home must be both beautiful and practical: allow natural light, enhance the views and let fresh air in. They also give value to your home. More than any other architectural feature, they enhance your home’s style, increase its resale price and directly impact your electric bill and comfort level.

Whether you’re thinking of replacing your current windows or installing a patio door, be sure to ask yourself the right questions, especially since this is a big investment. Not only is this a rare purchase, but it’s hard to tell two PVC windows apart… when you don’t know what to look for!

Our mission is simple: firm in our belief that our products are of the highest quality, we encourage you to “pop the hood” and learn how to compare PVC doors and windows according to specific criteria. Rest assured that a window without P.H. Tech is just a window!

Your PVC Door And Window Experts

At P.H. Tech, we specialize in the design of high-performance PVC windows and patio doors as well as in the PVC profile extrusion for our own door and window systems.

It all began in the 60s. At the time, professional homebuilders Raymond and Dominique Dallaire had trouble finding quality windows to install on their constructions. For this reason, they decided to take matters into their own hands and manufacture their own models.

Their objectives?

  • To design windows that meet the needs of builders, architects and industry experts.
  • To become experts in PVC profile extrusion for residential doors and windows.
  • To have their products assembled and installed by independent manufacturers who want to work with these door and window systems.

Visionaries, they helped pen standards that still govern the door and window industry of today. In fact, P.H. Tech continues to be an active member of several associations – namely, Fenestration Canada, the AAMA, the AVFQ and the FEPAC – whose purpose is to improve the industry’s standards and practices.

Today, P.H. Tech products are sold throughout Canada, the US, the Caribbean and Japan – proof of their quality and rigorously-tested technology.

A Reliable Partner

P.H. Tech is not just known for its excellent systems and profiles. Our integration expertise, our reliability, our superior-quality products as well as our value-added services make P.H. Tech a unique extruder and ensure that our manufacturing network will remain strong and continue to grow.

We are proud of our collaborators – designers, engineers, representatives, customer service advisors, etc. – because they are as passionate and dedicated to satisfaction as we are!

In North America, our team’s technological expertise and know-how have been at the forefront of our most significant innovations in terms of door and window design. This is why, from one decade to the next, P.H. Tech continues to be a name the industry can trust!

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