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Why do manufacturers choose P.H. Tech?

For more than 50 years now, P.H. Tech has given manufacturers the high-quality products, solutions and support they need to set themselves apart from their competition, optimize their production and promote their brand.
Discover all the reasons to trust P.H. Tech:

Reason N°1 - Exclusive windows and doors that everyone can appreciate

P.H. Tech's exclusive window and door systems were designed to satisfy the average consumer as well as the highest expectations and requirements of builders, renovators, architects and industry experts.

Boreal™ System Windows – The ultimate all-weather barrier
Thanks to the number and thickness of the external walls of its profiles, the Boreal™ System dominates the market. Its elegance and characteristics make it a remarkable product.

Primera Windows – Versatility that's built right in
The Primera series relies on innovative manufacturing methods and processes to offer an extremely competitive quality/price ratio.

Twist™ Series – The tilt-and-turn line that's turning heads across North America
Inspired by the best models from Europe, Twist™ windows and doors are versatile, adapted to North-American building standards and compatible with a wide range of interior and exterior accessories, finishes and glazing. Put a new twist on your next residential or commercial project with P.H. Tech.

Silensia™ Patio Doors – Smooth and easy all the way
This is one of the most revolutionary and valued patio-door systems in the industry. Combining superior quality and remarkable technology, it has topped its category for over 30 years.

Eterna Entry Doorframes – Beauty that lasts
P.H. Tech doorframes are built tough to look great through a lifetime of use. Easy to install and fully compatible with our window frames and accessories, they can be welded or mechanically assembled in a wide array of sizes, options and creative combinations.

Reason N°2 - Innovative, value-added solutions

P.H. Tech provides a spectrum of innovative solutions that allow manufacturers to conquer new markets with minimal investment.

Paint Solutions – Let your colors shine through
With P.H. Tech's turnkey color solution, you get trendy, factory-applied colors and finishes delivered in 15 days or less—no inventory or investment required!

DoubleNature® – The best of both worlds
Imitating the unique, organic warmth and texture of wood, P.H. Tech's patented DoubleNature® products are sure to please even the most discerning enthusiast, especially since they require zero maintenance!

Alustyle® – The beauty of aluminum, the performance of PVC
Combining the best of aluminum and PVC, the look of P.H. Tech's hybrid window is unmatched on the market thanks to precision assembly and its frame-anchoring method; minimal investment required

Simply Authentic – Patented interior hardwood trim
Interior hardwood trims bestow a touch of class and elegance on traditional PVC windows. Thanks to a patented assembly, the Simply Authentic line offers hybrid products for minimal investment

Assembled Patio Door Program – Let us build it for you
This option allows manufacturers to order assembled patio doors. P.H. Tech patio doors are world-renowned for their durability, functionality and the fact that they rarely ever require post-sale service (one of the lowest rates in the industry).

Reason N°3 - End-to end performance

P.H. Tech offers high-performance products that provide unparalleled efficiency. Our valuable solutions help manufacturers reach their business targets.

High-efficiency features
Multichamber profiles, double walls, thick interior walls, screw boxes, coextruded weatherstripping.

Industry-leading performance
DP-40 to DP-100 ratings on windows, DP-50 to DP-60 on patio doors.

Full functional integrity
Modular systems designed to strict standards for perfect part adjustment and hassle-free mixing and matching.

Industry-recognized expertise and quality
P.H. Tech is an active member of Fenestration Canada, AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), AVFQ (Association de vitrerie et fenestration du Québec) and the FEPAC (Federation of plastics and alliances composites).

Market solutions
Our strong, esthetically-pleasing windows and doors are perfect for new constructions and renovations (residential and light commercial).

Energy performance
Platform for double and triple glazing meeting existing and future ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Reason N°4 - Quality in every molecule

For more than 50 years now, P.H. Tech has been building its reputation on the quality of the windows and doors assembled and installed by its manufacturers. Day in and day out, we provide superior quality without compromise, from the raw material to fabrication!

P.H. Tech's exclusive blend
Our exclusive PVC formula strengthens the physical and mechanical properties of the profiles, ensuring an optimal-quality product that will last a lifetime.

Consistent sizing, batch uniformity and extrusion stability
Strict tolerance levels are closely monitored through our 14-point quality control system.

Easy installation
Since P.H. Tech's window and door profiles are extremely rigid, free of bows and warps, they are very easy to assemble and install.

Low post-sale service required and limited 20-year warranty
For manufacturers, P.H. Tech windows and doors represent peace of mind, guaranteed!

Reason N°5 - Outstanding technical support

At P.H. Tech, we've distilled years of know-how acquired from working with manufacturers into an outstanding technical support program.

Comprehensive start-up assistance program
This program, which covers everything from project organization to on-site training, is designed to help new partners set-up their manufacturing processes and get them the coaching they need from P.H. Tech's experienced team.

Continual improvement assistance
As part of the technical support program, P.H. Tech not only visits each of its manufacturers' factories regularly, it provides troubleshooting and operational efficiency support over the phone.

Product certification assistance
All P.H. Tech windows and doors are tested in independent laboratories to make sure they comply with the most recent industry standards and the Building Code. Manufacturing partners are also given access to P.H. Tech's test reports to help them reduce the costs related to certification. They can even use P.H. Tech's labs to conduct their own tests!

LEED® certification
With the help of an LEED® certification specialist, the P.H. Tech team helps manufacturers complete their certification process so that they can tackle any and all construction projects.

Reason N°6 - Smooth supply management

P.H. Tech provides optimized supply management for all its manufacturers. Thanks to the rigorous monitoring of their order history, manufacturers are guaranteed to have the appropriate amount of inventory at all times.

Optimized supply management
Our supply management is based on demand and order history, with a 98% order execution rate.

Flexible packaging
Racks, boxes, or bundles; doors in lengths, kits or units; profiles per stick, when stained.

Simplified order management
P.H. Tech's online order system takes preferences and purchase history into account. The goal: zero returns!

Predetermined shipping routes
Convenient shipping at reduced costs, with order consolidation by our devoted customer service team.

Export shipping support
Compliance documentation, adapted logistics chain.

Two distribution centers
Lévis (Québec, Canada) and Leetsdale (Pennsylvania, USA).

C-TPAT compliance
Accreditation obtained from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (Certificate (PDF))

Reason N°7 - Fuel for your growth

P.H. Tech wants all its manufacturers to succeed. This is why it is devoted to helping them add value to their brand and increasing their sales potential.

Unequalled customer service
Quick and efficient, P.H. Tech's Customer Service handles all the logistics related to the processing, billing and shipping of orders.

Intuitive and adapted extranet
To make life easier for manufacturers and optimize their performance, P.H. Tech has built an online portal that is regularly updated. It is a veritable treasure trove of valuable information:

  • Assembly and installation guides
  • Tools for quotes and online ordering
  • Image bank (over 500 images)
  • Architectural section
  • Direct access to test reports
  • And more.

Product/market innovation
Every year at P.H. Tech, new products account for more than 5% of total sales!

Full-service marketing program
Login site with marketing material, customizable templates, newsletters, product updates, and more.

Reason N°8 - A sustainable development leader

Initiatives, innovations, diligent production management… P.H. Tech takes all the necessary measures to conserve resources and minimize its impact on the environment!

Commitment to the EcoresponsibleMC Program of the Council of Sustainable Industries to curb the impact on the environment.

Implementation of tangible environmental measures designed to recycle production residues, reduce waste as well as optimize energy and water consumption.

High-quality PVC profile design and ultra-energy-efficient window and door systems.

Dedicated teams working in a positive, dynamic environment.

Job equality and work/life balance.

Implementation of quality control systems to make sure every client's needs are met and the most stringent design and production standards are respected.

Development of a profile core made almost exclusively of recycled PVC that allows consumers to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on performance or price.

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