Step 11

Is This A Job For Professionals?

The proper installation of windows is crucial to their overall efficiency. An improper installation will affect air tightness, water tightness, the opening mechanism as well as durability. In addition to compromising your comfort, you will lose most, if not all, your resale value… even if they’re the best windows on the market!

This is why having your windows installed by trained and experienced professionals is imperative.

Pay close attention to the warranty:

What is covered and for how long? In general, when an installation is done wrong, you’ll realize it within the first two years. Therefore, focus on the early-life part of the warranty, and don’t let yourself be swayed by the term “lifetime warranty”. This term is very promising, but it doesn’t protect you from exclusions. Are there travel costs? Are there any special limits? Is the warranty transferable? When selling your home, this will definitely help in the negotiations (remember to give the new owner the original contract!).

Be sure to validate the following with the retailer: the installation team’s experience, the work timeline, the full warranty, the post-sale services offered, etc.


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