Step 4

What Must I Look For In A Quality Finish?

Once you’ve selected the material (wood, aluminum or PVC), you can then choose a finish that will enhance the style of your window frames.

Finish Comparison Chart

White or Beige (Tan) PVC

  • Neutral and timeless style

Painted PVC

  • Wide range of colors available
  • UV- and weather-resistant

DoubleNature™ PVC (P.H. Tech Exclusive!)

  • Offering the most realistic appearance of wood in the industry
  • Luxury wood texture and appearance (from any distance)
  • Texture can be applied to the inside face, outside face or both
  • Innovative solution (patented)
  • Maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant
  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive hybrid frames

Laminated PVC

  • Covered with an applied laminate
  • More expensive than painted PVC
  • Maintenance-free
  • Popular, mostly south of the Great Lakes (limited availability in Canada)

Hybrid Frame PVC/Aluminum

  • Perfect combination of efficiency (PVC) and beauty of aluminum

Hybrid Frame PVC/Wood

  • Perfect combination of efficiency (PVC) and beauty of wood


  • There are window types, configurations and accessories that can enhance the architectural style of every home (contemporary, traditional, rustic, ancestral)
  • Sashes and brickmolds can enhance contemporary styles (straight profiles) or traditional styles (stylized forms)

Finish Accessories

  • A wide range of accessories to personalize and perfect any fenestration
  • Grids
  • Interior sills, trims and rosettes; exterior jambs that complement the exterior siding


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