Step 1

Should I Fix Or Change My Windows?

Annoying air leakage, foggy glass, outdated color or style… in some cases, as shown in the table below, it is possible to breathe new life into old windows. However, when windows are truly past their prime and problems related to comfort, efficiency, sound-proofing or esthetics pile up, changing them becomes the only option. However, keep in mind that this investment is good for your home, its market value… and your wellbeing! See the repair solutions below or continue to step 2 of this guide.

Problem Solution
Air leakage
  • Redo the seals around the frame
  • Replace the weatherstripping
  • Adjust the handles, cranks, locks and tilt mechanisms
Condensation (fog) inside the glazing
  • Have the glazing replaced by a professional (this may be covered by your warranty).
Condensation inside the home (on the pane)
  • Lower the humidity inside the home. The window is not to blame, this is the result of proper insulation.
Condensation outside the home (on the pane)
  • Do not do anything. This condensation will dissipate naturally.
Obsolete or corroded hardware
  • Have the hardware replaced by a professional.
  • Lubricate the hardware.
Inadequate sound-proofing
  • Replace the current glazing to increase the sound-proofing (double or triple glazed, filled with inert gas, etc.).
Outdated color or inappropriate style for the home
  • Repaint the frames and sashes with permanent, UV- and weather-resistant paint. In the case of PVC windows, contact a professional because painting the fenestration could prematurely age it and void the warranty.

Do you want to fix your windows?

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Do you want to change your windows?

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