Step 8

How Do I Choose Durable And Easy-To-Use Hardware?

Screens, cranks, handles, locks… window hardware applies to everything that relates to the opening mechanism. The quality of these parts is of utmost importance because this is what ensures ease of use, painless maintenance as well as long-lasting durability.

Make sure that the hardware used most often (e.g. handles) are securely attached: mounting screws must either cross two walls or pass through the screw boxes to ensure strength and durability.

Hardware Type

  • Classic Cranks
  • Foldable Cranks
  • Screens
  • Locks
  • Handles

Opt for screens that are easy to insert and remove, like those that clip onto the frame with just a little bit of applied pressure. As for cranks, the folding type is easier to clean and frees up space on the sills (allowing you to dress them up!).


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